Greg Overstreet for House District 88

Welcome to the campaign!

We’re going to have some fun and provide Stevensville and Florence the best possible representation in the Montana House of Representatives. Here is a link to the press release announcing my candidacy. Please find out more about my candidacy on this website and don’t hesitate to contact me or my campaign manager on the Contact page.

Why I’m Running

I’m running because I am determined to keep Montana the magnificent place it is. I’ve seen how extreme liberal laws have destroyed nearby states and I will not let that happen to Montana. I realized that I could not take the easy route and live a peaceful life free from politics while Leftists were threatening our way of life. I decided to do something about it. That’s why I’m running.

Greg Overstreet

Meet the Team

I am blessed to have an amazing campaign team.

Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson

Campaign Chair
(former Republican legislator and Mayor of Stevensville)

Steve Gibson

Bill Jong and Chuck Daniels

Yard Sign Guys

Anne Marie Gurney

Jim Costello

Veterans’ Issues Advisor

Anne Marie Gurney

Anne Marie Gurney

Really Smart Person (and Wife)

What People Are Saying

“Greg’s service to the Town of Stevensville is a gift to the Town. We’re lucky to have him. He’s an incredibly bright, honest, and hard-working attorney.”

Steve Gibson
Mayor of Stevensville and former Republican legislator

“I worked with Greg a lot when I was the Stevensville Police Chief and he was the Town Attorney prosecuting my officers’ cases. He is very smart and hard working. He is humble and loves our community. He will do a great job representing us in the Legislature.”

Mac Sosa
Police Chief, retired

“We need solid conservative lawyers in the House to help us sort through the many confusing bills that come at us.”

Greg Kmetz
Republican Representative, District 38
I trust this guy so much that I let him borrow my boat.

Abby Moscatel
Chief Legal Counsel to Montana Speaker of the House of Representatives (and she really let me borrow her boat)
Greg is a Christian brother and very special friend. He is a very humble man. He is so much more than his bio says. He truly cares about people and our future in Montana. I’m proud to be a part of getting Greg elected.

Chuck Daniels
Stevensville (Retired firefighter and Marine Corps veteran)
Greg’s 30 years of working on conservative legal causes makes him extremely well suited to work on restoring the constitutional balance between the three branches of state government.

Jim Brown
Montana Supreme Court candidate (2022) and Montana Public Service Commission (Republican)

Greg Overstreet prosecuted me as the Town Attorney. He treated me fairly and with dignity. I’ve changed my life. He regularly stops by the store I work at and we talk. He’s told me how proud he is of the changes I’ve made.

Joe Nix

I’m voting for Greg because one of his top priorities is protecting our kids. As both a mother and a retired police commander of a special victims unit, I recognize and appreciate Greg’s integrity and perseverance in protecting our most vulnerable.”

Kasey Johnson
Stevensville (retired Lieutenant of Las Vegas Metropolitian Police Department)

Greg really gets it. He’s right on the issues. His legal experience is going to help get good bills passed. He’ll serve Stevensville and Florence well.

Bowen Greenwood
Clerk of the Montana Supreme Court (Republican)

This pro-family Hispanic woman is 100% behind Greg Overstreet.

Irene Albarran

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Greg Overstreet for House District 88


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