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I grew up poor in a town of 60 people. The best man at my wedding was a logger. I worked my way through law school, have built a successful law practice, and worked on conservative legal causes my entire career. A detailed list of my qualifications is here.

I was fundamentally changed by two near-death experiences in 2021. I had cancer and was on a COVID ventilator (20% survival rate). God saved me from both because I think He has a purpose for me: to use the legal skills He gave me to help people by serving in the Legislature.

I am married to an amazing woman, Anne Marie Gurney, who is a teacher in the Stevensville schools. I am very proud of my step-son, Ben Gurney, who started his own business in high school and will be attending the University of Montana this fall. 

Most importantly, I am a Christian. My family attends Bitterroot Family Church in Stevensville.

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Greg Overstreet


I am a very active member of the community. I am the Stevensville High School football announcer and the Town Attorney for Stevensville. I also have a column in the Bitterroot Star called “Ask an Attorney” where I discuss legal issues.

“I love coaching the Stevensville High School mock trial team. It’s fantastic to encourage these talented students to pursue a career in the law. Here is a newspaper story on the team.”

Greg Overstreet


I am proud to be an enrolled citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Indian Nation. (We’re a very conservative tribe. It’s a long story.) My great-grandfather, Rev. Noah Gregory, served in the Creek legislature in the early 1900s. As a kid, I was handed down his statute book and I treasure it. I was a poor kid and that statute book motivated me to reach for something better. If my great-grandfather – an orphaned Indian – could become a legislator, then maybe a poor kid like me could, too. I decided early on that I wanted to continue his legacy by serving in a legislature someday.

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Noah G Gregory

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