Regular People

I’m voting for Greg because one of his top priorities is protecting our kids. As both a mother and a retired police commander of a special victims unit, I recognize and appreciate Greg’s integrity and perseverance in protecting our most vulnerable.
Kasey Johnson

Stevensville (retired Lieutenant of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

This pro-family Hispanic woman is 100% behind Greg Overstreet.

Irene Albarran

Greg supports law enforcement. He’s the only prosecutor in the race.

Rocky Bailey

Montana Highway Patrol (ret.)

Greg is a Christian brother and very special friend. He is a very humble man. He is so much more than his bio says. He truly cares about people and our future in Montana. I’m proud to be a part of getting Greg elected.

Chuck Daniels

Stevensville (Retired firefighter and Marine Corps veteran)

Greg is the sort of thoughtful, natural leader we need in the Legislature. We need a leader to who respects and protects the conservative values that matter to us all.

Col. Greg Grimes

U.S. Army Special Forces (ret.)

Greg and I are fellow Stevi Main Street businesses. He understands what our local small businesses need from the Legislature.

Cate Miller

Peacock Floral

I trust this guy so much that I let him borrow my boat.

Abby Moscatel

Chief Legal Counsel to Montana Speaker of the House of Representatives (and she really let me borrow her boat)

Greg Overstreet prosecuted me as the Town Attorney. He treated me fairly and with dignity. I’ve changed my life. He regularly stops by the store I work at and we talk. He’s told me how proud he is of the changes I’ve made.

Joe Nix

I’ve known Greg for 40 years. He has been shaped by his blue collar roots.

Steve Parks

Logger, best man at Greg's wedding

Greg is a brilliant Constitutional attorney. He won my First Amendment case against an out-of-control Leftist county in a blue state. They caved quickly; Greg made it look easy.

Jim Scarantino

Greg is a man of the people with a heart that wants to serve. He is what we need in Helena to truly stand and represent us, the people of House District 88!

Luke Thomasson


Greg took on a complicated case for me essentially for free. I needed a lawyer just to get a company to listen to why I didn’t owe them a large amount of money. He succeeded. What a weight off my shoulders! Thank you, Greg!

Collette Walker

Public Officials

“Greg’s service to the Town of Stevensville is a gift. He’s an incredibly bright and hard-working attorney and very honest.”

Steve Gibson

Mayor of Stevensville and former Republican legislator

I have known Greg Overstreet for a few years. I know him to be a great husband, father, and attorney. I have worked closely with him as he is currently the Town Attorney for Philipsburg. In that capacity, he is excellent to work with and he gets things done. The Town of Philipsburg is fortunate to be represented by him. He doesn’t just jump into litigation as he works to mediate problems to avoid costly and lengthy litigation. He is proactive in preventing and resolving disputes in the community. I know he volunteers his time in his own Stevensville community. With this said, I strongly endorse Greg Overstreet for Montana House District 88. I would be willing to talk with anyone who wishes to know more.

Blaine Bradshaw

Republican County Attorney (Granite County)

With a passion for justice and a commitment to serving the people of Montana, Greg Overstreet is the ideal choice for upholding the values that make Ravalli County thrive. Trustworthy, experienced, and driven, Greg Overstreet is the candidate who will truly keep Ravalli, Ravalli.

Jim Brown

Montana Supreme Court candidate (2022) and Montana Public Service Commission (Republican)

Greg Gianforte

Governor of Montana

Greg really gets it. He’s right on the issues. His legal experience is going to help get good bills passed. He’ll serve Stevensville and Florence well.

Bowen Greenwood

Clerk of the Montana Supreme Court (Republican)

We are in need of solid conservative lawyers in the House to help us sort through the many confusing bills that come at us.

Greg Kmetz

Republican Representative, District 38

I worked with Greg often when I was the Stevensville Police Chief and he was the Town Attorney prosecuting my officers’ cases. He is very smart and hard-working. Greg Overstreet is humble and loves our community. He will do a great job representing us in the Legislature.

Mac Sosa

Police Chief Town of Stevensville (ret.)

Fred Thomas

Ravalli County Republican, former member of state Senate and state House of Representatives

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